Animated Yoga Videos for Kids That Encourages Self-Confidence, Body Health, and Positivity

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🌈 Empower Your Kids To Have The Self-Confidence They NEED To Reach Their Full Potential and Promote a Healthy Body In a FUN Way! 🌟

Created for 3 to 10 year olds, kids will have a wonderful time practicing yoga poses, mindfulness, and meditation. They'll learn why yoga and mindfulness are great for our bodies, and how our video series keeps our bodies and minds staying healthy, strong, kind and confident.

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🌈 Why Kids and Parents Love OM Warrior Kids 💖

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We love it!
I never thought in a million years I could get my energizer bunny to be calm for 5 minutes. We love how short and sweet the videos are. Jackson loves the shape adventure video! -Mallory R. | Mom and Elementary School Teacher

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So much fun!
OM Warrior Kids is so fun and it was really cool that the yoga is being taught by kids my age! I absolutely love that! -Jacob T. | 10 Years Old

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The videos are so cool
What I like about OM Warrior Kids is the fun yoga poses and the cool backgrounds! -Nora S. | 7 Years Old

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Great for homeschoolers
One thing that I love about it for our kiddos who are 5 and 8 years old, I love the length of time! So there are shorter classes that we can just kind of fit them in if we need a little relaxation break or a little time to reset and I also really love the run themes! -Jen M. | Homeschooling Mom of 2

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Kid- and parent-approved videos designed to introduce kids to the skills necessary to calm their minds and bodies, amplify positivity, and become kind and confident leaders. You’ll find fun and engaging yoga, mindfulness, and meditation videos using animated and entertaining stories to keep kids of any age engaged and having a good time.

🦋 Who We Are 🌸

Maddie is a teen entrepreneur that's on a mission to empower and inspire the young generations to be great leaders.

At 14, she became one of the youngest certified yoga and mindfulness meditation teachers for kids and teens in North America.

OM Warrior Kids became the catalyst behind her mission to spread the message of good vibes, inclusion, and human connection.

Created for children, ages 3 to 10 years old will have the opportunity to

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