Free Playlist 🌈🌟

Free Playlist 🌈🌟

Everyone can try out the OM Warrior Kids experience with this collection of popular OM Warrior Kids videos. A collection of OM Warrior favorites to give you a sneak peek of the OM Warrior Kids adventures before becoming a subscriber.

Free Playlist 🌈🌟
  • Land of Sweets | An OM Warrior Kids Meditation Story

    Land of Sweets Meditation β€’ 3m 51s

    Let's go on a very sweet adventure through the land of sweets! We'll be adventuring around the land of sweets through a meditation story. Sit or lay down and close your eyes. Imagine you're transported to the land of sweets and enjoy this meditation adventure.

  • How To Practice Airplane Pose | An OM Warrior Kids Yoga Pose Tutorial

    Airplane Yoga Pose β€’ 1m 26s

    Enjoy this short brain break, as we learn Airplane Pose! Airplane pose (also known as modified side plank or vasisthasana) is a wonderful pose for strengthening your arms, legs, wrists, and core muscles.

  • Explore Alaska | An OM Warrior Kids Yoga Adventure

    Explore Alaska! β€’ 5m 45s

    Join Maddie Faye for an OM Warrior Kids yoga adventure through Alaska. Explore animal habitats and learning new yoga poses along the way.

    In this yoga story, we journey through Alaska and adventure in yoga poses and meet our friends, Omie the koala and Lulu the llama as...

  • Hot Air Balloon Breathes | An OM Warrior Kids Mindful Breathing Exercise

    Hot Air Balloon Breathes β€’ 1m 11s

    Relax with Maddie Faye as we learn a new breathing exercise. We flow in the wind and sway in a hot air balloon, taking deep breathes in through our nose, and breathing out through our mouth.